Friday, December 11, 2009

every day stress

Honestly, I'm stressed. We have been remodeling a house for my in-laws, which has been more headaches than I ever imagined. Creating new items(when we have a free minute, not often) and trying to manage all of the online content we have out there.

All of this begins to take it's toll after awhile. I wonder sometimes how are we going to make it through today. What is going to happen tomorrow? I could ask myself this a 100 times a day. But is it really worth stressing out about? In the end I have a wonderful wife that loves and supports me. She lets me be myself without ever saying "man,you are just damn weird." well sometimes she does but we laugh about it.

At those times when we are laughing and enjoying just being around each other, I think back to all the stressful moments in the past and realize we made it. It may have been hard at the time, we could be losing our car, but in the end we have each other and are blessed to be able to share our creations with the world. So in short I guess it's not that bad after all, I mean who needs a car, lol.

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